Every once in a while we need a bit of guidance. Some clarity. A little perspective. If you’re a firm believer in the Divine and the connection we have to Her (or Him… It… God…you choose) then you know of the infinite power and grace that He has for us can be channeled in many ways, including tarot cards. There is a lot of energy we are not aware of.

Readings can come in the form of

  • Face-to-face (for those in CT or willing to travel)

  • Facetime/Skype

  • Detailed Digital Report



Sometimes we’re thrown for a loop and need some perspective on the fly. The One Card Quickie Reading are for those who need a quick interpretation to a situation they just can’t quite make a decision about.

When you sign up for your reading, a text will be sent to the number provided where you can submit your question. Once I have your question, I’ll ask your and my own guides for clarity and ask that the right messages are shared with you. The deck is shuffled and blessed and.. I pick a card! Short & Sweet!


Reiki session

Reiki is the Japanese are of energy healing. Rei means universal energy and Ki, meaning life force energy.

Reiki is done by placing hands in a series of positions on the body and the aura, encouraging relaxation and promoting the release of tension, pain, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings within you. It assists healing on all levels including mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki will not interfere with conventional medicine practices and is frequently used as additional support. Incorporate herbs and crystals in to your session for an added boost to your energy healing and cleansing.

Although spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion.