What Is Reiki? | An Introduction to energy healing


I remember my first Reiki experience. I really didn’t know what to expect. Would I get dizzy? Experience some sort of out-of-body experience? While neither of these things happened, what did was pure magick. For a moment, my Heart and Throat Chakra filled up with a ball of energy; almost like it wanted to burst at the seams. O, my reiki practitioner, expressed concern for those areas after our session, catching me off guard while also solidifying my belief and desire to become a Reiki Practitioner myself.

While no one experience is ever the same, I leave mySelf open to any possibility, because it is ultimately going to serve my highest Self. Every time I leave my Reiki session, I feel blissful, like I’m floating on a cloud during the Golden Hour whilst sipping on champagne. Reiki is nothing to be scared or skeptical of. While it is spiritual in nature, it is not based on religion. It’s just a beautiful energy healing system that I encourage you to be open to.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Rei is the universal higher power that guides creation and ki is the non-physical life force energy that animates all living things. Together, this gives you Universal Life Force Energy. In short, it heals all levels of the body, mind, soul and spirit. You’ll come to see that Reiki is a warm, radiant energy flowing through your body.

Reiki Healing is administered by “laying on hands” using the energy that the Divine has given us and allows us to be alive. Reiki can be given to people, animals and plants; even your food and water. If a loved one across the country is in need of Reiki, feel free to send it to them from where you’re sitting. Reiki is based on the concept that imbalanced energy within us can cause disorders and illnesses. By correcting these imbalances with energy healing, not only are we promoting physical and physiological well-being, we’re also promoting spiritual healing. Hospitals, hospices and oncology centers incorporate Reiki into their patients’ care protocols all the time.


Dr. Mikao Usui

The history of Reiki starts with Dr. Mikao Usui. Fond of medicine, psychology and theology, Usui traveled often, studying various healing systems and became a Buddhist monk. During his time in the monastery, Usui traveled to a cave in Mount Kurama for his own training rediscovery.

He hoped to discover a system of healing that wasn’t connected or based upon any religious beliefs, making it accessible to any and everyone. For 21 days, Usui fasted, meditated and prayed until he was able to develop the system of healing he struggled to create. After his spiritual awakening, Usui traveled to Kyoto and opened a clinic for Reiki healing and teaching.


Schedule a Reiki Session with Me

Reiki is a beautiful way to promote spiritual healing and growth while managing stress levels. My intentions with Reiki and all my practices here at Rose+Ritual, are to bring holistic healing (physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual) to all communities, but more so to the under-served communities struggling to find peace within their world and themSelves. By not only focusing on the socioeconomic and physical health of communities and individuals, but also the emotional and spiritual health, we can ensure that the whole works far greater than the sum of its parts.

If you’re looking for a Reiki practitioner or interested and want to learn more about the process, book a session with me! It would be my pleasure to work with you and help you along your healing journey.