Crystal Conversations :: Clear Quartz


The most versatile and multi-dimensional stone of the group, Clear Quartz, the Amplifier! When I started my spiritual awakening, the very first stone I bought was a clear quartz point necklace, wrapped in copper wire. That was back in May 2017 and I've been wearing it every single day since. I once thought I lost my necklace while traveling and was beyond devastated. When I got to Toronto, and started unpacking my things, my baby quartz was nuzzled in between a bunch of clothes, shining bright like a... I'll stop. 

The key properties of a Clear Quartz stone are: energy/intention amplification, programmability and memory. For those, like myself, who love to adorn themselves with crystals on a day to day basis, clear quartz is a fabulous stone to have around. Wearing, carrying or meditating with quartz crystal will heighten your spiritual awareness. I also like to place my quartz in my window sill so it can absorb all the beautiful energy for the sun and moon and project that light and energy back into my space, living room specifically. 

When I use Quartz crystal to meditate and/or set intentions, I usually ask my quartz babies to bring me clarity of mind, eliminate any blockages I might have and to allow energy to flow smoothly within me. I have yet to really implement crystal grids into my practice but I have read many times that Clear Quartz is the key stone to use when generating energy from grids. Clear Quartz will generate magic, receiving the energy from all the surrounding stones and geometric form of the grid. 

This all-encompassing, healing crystal has virtually all the metaphysical purposes you can think of:

↠ healing          ↠ chakra opening           ↠ meditation enhancement          ↠ attracting and sending out love

↠ consciousness expansion     ↠ communication with guides      ↠ dream enhancement     ↠ generating prosperity   

Because it can expand consciousness, it will facilitate open communication and chakra stimulation, which leads us right into our next topic, CHAKRAS! Since Clear Quartz is bomb AF, it can connect to ALL the chakras, but essentially, quartz crystal is best when used with the Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is the energy center of our thoughts and Quartz will open your mind and alieviate any negative perspectives you might be having and will flip the script and turn it into a positive point of view. 

If you choose to mediate with quartz crystal, which you should (totally not biased), hold it in the palms of your hands or above you at your crown chakra. State a self-made mantra or other to solidify your intention. Energy Muse suggested a really cute mantra: "I am crystal clear on my intentions and goals". You can also place your quartz crystal on your third eye point to establish clarity and ease of flow to the crown chakra. 


Kaitlyn Scott