Crystal Conversations :: Black Tourmaline

The stone we're about to chat about is very near and dear to my heart. It's one of the first stones I gravitated towards when I fell back into my spiritual practice and started using stones during meditation. Black Tourmaline is one of the best stones to keep around you when you're feeling like you can't quite conquer the obstacles your facing or feel like you need some barriers of protection around you.


If you're dabbling or experienced with psychic abilities, Black Tourmaline can provide protection to anyone working or living in somewhat challenging, chaotic environments or situations. Just think of Black Tourmaline as a vacuum, sucking up all the energy no longer or never serving you. Just clearing up all the shit, all the negativity in and around you. Like I said earlier, when I first started practicing crystal work and focusing more on my spiritual journey, I gravitated towards this deeply-rooted stone. I wore it on a necklace with my sacred and cherished clear quartz. It amplified the energy of protection around me until it no longer needed to serve me. I was able to gift that beauty and send it on its way for a new journey.  

Sleep with it. Meditate with it. Walk with it. The bodyguard, as i like to call it, keeps your auric field clear of imbalance even when you're in crappy  environments. Because its constantly absorbing that energy, you have to be diligent in cleansing it often. Sage, palo santo or selenite should do the trick.  

If you're anything like me, then you dabble in the occasional, but all too often negative self talk. Mix that with a little anxiety and self-judgement and you got yourself a nasty cocktail. Rock with some Black Tourmaline for a few days or as long as you need, until you feel more balanced again.