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Rose & Ritual

Rose & Ritual Apothecary was inspired by two life changes. The first was when Kaitlyn made a bold decision to cut off all her hair and honor her natural visage. At which point, she became frustrated by the lack of organic ingredients in commercial beauty products. The second was a change in spiritual practice. She began meditating more, and unlearning secular biases.

Wanting to incorporate rituals of self-care into her daily practice, she set out to learn about how the earth and The Divine could not only cultivate a positive mindset but a healthy, whole, nourished body as well.

She hopes Rose & Ritual will better serve people of color, fight stereotypes, and cultivate a culture of learning under the belief that the Almighty Divine has created an herb or flower that can treat any ailment of the body and mind. The Rose & Ritual brand emulates the natural elements (sandalwood, rose quartz, roses and sage) from which Rose & Ritual is continually inspired. The brand aims to visually educate, welcome and cultivate community.


brand values

Community Healing

helping people who have limited resources to sustain healthy lives


to change their lives & daily practices


of the accessibility of natural resources for medicinal & spiritual healing